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Petition Process

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Petition is a request to provide support or opposition to a matter under debate. A petition is a document addressed to Council and signed by an unspecified number of individuals (or local area residents). In most cases, a petition is a request to provide support or opposition to a matter under debate. A petition is presented to Council as an item of correspondence on the regular Council meeting agenda; alternatively, a delegation may present the petition to Council.

If you wish to submit a petition to Council, it must be received by the Town Clerk addressed to the Mayor and Council at least three weeks prior to the regular Council meeting.

For a petition to be considered, it must:

  • be addressed to Council (or a committee)
  • state the request on each page of the document
  • contain the printed names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as the signatures, of the petitioners making the request **printing must be clear and legible**
  • include a note on each page of the signed petition that, under most circumstances, petitions received by the Town of Milk River are deemed to be public records, and names and addresses are subject to public disclosure

You may submit your petition by fax to 403-647-3772 or via email; however, the original petition must still be received by the the appropriate deadline(s), as indicated above.