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Permits and Licenses

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To ensure the safe and orderly development of the Town of Milk River, the Town of Milk River’s Development Officer administers the municipal Land Use Bylaw. The Development Officer also handles development permit applications and questions, with the assistance of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC). As well, the Town contracts the services of Park Enterprises Ltd. for all safety codes permitting (e.g. Building permits, Plumbing permits, Gas permits and Electrical permits).

The Municipality requires Development Permits for most development, which can be applied for at Town Hall. You must have a development permit prior to commencing development. Please note that you may require additional permits (e.g. Building, Plumbing, Gas, Electrical) for your development, and these permits may be applied for through Park Enterprises Ltd. at 1-800-621-5440. The Town’s Development Officer will be happy to assist you in determining what your project will require.

Why are permits necessary?

  1. You are ensuring any construction you do complies with the Building Code.  Inspections are conducted.
  2. Neighbors are ensured enjoyment of their property is not interfered with.
  3. You reduce problems with compliance issues when you sell your property.

General guidelines for determining when a development permit is not required are according to the Town Land Use By-Law, and are as follows:

Development Permits are not required to:

  • construct an accessory building if it is less than 150 sq. ft in size,
  • erect gates, fences, walls, hedges or any enclosure that is not more than 3 ft. in height in front yards and not more than 6 ft. in height in all other yards,
  • the construction of a temporary structure that is required in connection with operations,
  • signs in a residential district which are less than 2 sq. ft. in area,
  • deck and patio construction that is uncovered and meets various yard requirements,
  • carry out works of maintenance or repair provided that NO structural alterations or major renovations are undertaken (ie. painting, carpet, etc.)

Any questions about whether or not a development permit is required should be directed to the Development Officer.

By-Law No. 997 – Land Use Bylaw


Building Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Gas Permit Application

Non-Residential Development Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Residential Development Application


All businesses located within the Town of Milk River corporate limits are required to purchase a Milk River Business License annually, as required by municipal By-law. Those registered businesses with the Town of Milk River are billed each year for their licenses, and those coming to the community from outside of Milk River are required to purchase a license from the Town Office prior to commencing operations or sales.

The Town of Milk River is proud of our local businesses and appreciates the valuable services they provide our residents. Click HERE to see our Business Directory.

License Fees: (valid January – December)

Businesses from outside the County of Warner:
$25 / day or $150 / year.

Businesses within the Town / County of Warner:
$50 / year.

Note: The municipality will require pertinent information, including name, type of business, address and phone number.

For further information regarding Town of Milk River Business Licenses please contact the Town Administration. 

Business License Application


The Town of Milk River also requires that pet owners purchase animal licenses for all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months. These licenses ensure that the ownership of an animal can be determined, and that the safety of the animal is ensured.

License Price List