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Municipal Services

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Town Office: (403) 647-3773
(587) 813-0791
Street Light Outage: (403) 647-3773

Power Outage: 310-WIRE (9473)
During Office Hours: (403) 647-3773

After Hours: (403) 421-0140
(403) 642-7311

Chief Mountain Solid Waste:


The Public Works department picks up garbage on Tuesdays from the residential areas, and on Tuesdays and Fridays for the commercial areas.  Please ensure all garbage is placed within the bins and the large wheels of the bin are placed in the gutter, facing outwards. 

During certain times of the year, we will offer a yard waste pickup on Mondays. Do not place grass clippings or garbage in alleys. Branches can be cut to three feet in length and tied. Grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste must be placed in paper bags.

Heavy snowfalls and slippery streets may necessitate that garbage collection be restricted to streets that are safely accessible. When this happens, road conditions will be monitored throughout the day, and if possible, Public Works Department will try to pick up on your street.If your material has not been picked up by 5:30 p.m., please bring it back inside and set it out again next week. 

For any inquiries unrelated to weather and road conditions, please leave a message with 403-647-2339 or with the Town Office at 403-647-3773.


The Town provides a Recycling Trailer that is located at 201-8th Ave NW. The following is a list of items accepted at the Recycling Trailer:

  • Milk Jugs and any Opaque (Cloudy) Plastic Containers (Plastic #2):  Wash and dry, labels & lids need not be removed, crush.
  • Plastic (Plastic #1 to #7):  Rinse, remove wire handles, labels & lids need not be removed, No motor oil containers, toys, household hazardous waste, items with contents remaining or Styrofoam is not accepted.
  • Newspapers and Magazines:  includes inserts, all glossy magazines, small catalogues (1/2” thick), Not in plastic bags.
  • Mixed Paper:  printed white and coloured papers, shredded paper, coated and uncoated papers, manila file folders, copy paper, envelopes, junk mail, no plastics or gift wrap paper.
  • Tin Cans:  Wash thoroughly, top lid slightly attached and pushed inward, labels can remain, do not crush.


The Milk River/Coutts Transfer Station will be open on the following days:

Tuesdays –10:00am to 4:00pm

Fridays – 10:00am to 4:00pm

Saturdays – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Please ensure that all vinyl siding and carpet is cut into pieces of a maximum of 4 feet in length.

Contact 403.642.7311 for more information

Chief Mountain Solid Waste -


Milk River has a water system second to none in the province.  We have the capacity to pump 4545 cubic meters daily into a reservoir system and room to expand when the need arises.  The water is pumped directly from the river to the reservoir, is treated by our experienced professionals, and from there is fed either by the gravity system or the booster system to the Town.

Bulk Water Filling Station

The Town of Milk River operates one bulk filling station on 1st Avenue South where residents and businesses can obtain potable water – a fee applies. The bulk filling station is operated on a FOB system and open twenty four hours a day. The FOB must be obtained at the town office but credits can be applied over the phone during business hours.

Please contact the town office for further information.


Bills are sent out bi-monthly. Utility charges can be prepaid in January for the entire year to receive a reduction of one month’s basic charges.

Go paperless! Sign up today, go paperless with the Town of Milk River new e-billing service!  

The sign up process will require:

  • Utility account number
  • Name of customer
  • Valid email address

Why register for e-billing?

  • Be notified by email when your e-bill is ready
  • Direct delivery to your inbox
  • Reduce your monthly paper bill clutter
  • Eliminate delays from standard mail delivery
  • Better for our environment

Utility bills will be sent out by email or by traditional postal mail service bi-monthly, depending on which method is set as the customer’s preference.

In order to sign up for the new e-billing service, fill out and submit the Registration Form.  Alternatively, you can print and mail the form, or bring it in to the Town of Milk River office.


The Town of Milk River utilizes the Ridge Regional Public Safety Services (RRPSS) to ensure the bylaws of the municipality are upheld. The officers patrols the community each week, investigating animal complaints, unsightly premises complaints, and various other municipal concerns. Fines will be issued for non-compliance in certain cases. To contact our Peace Officers, please contact the Town Office during regular business hours, or after hours by calling 587-813-0791.


The Milk River and District Fire Department exists to protect and prevent fire loss and/or damage to the citizens of the Town of Milk River and surrounding areas, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

The Milk River Fire Hall is located on Highway 501 (running through Milk River). The volunteer service operates with approximately 20 members, all dedicated men and women trained to serve their community, and runs two Fire Pumper trucks, one Water Truck, and a Rescue Vehicle.

Phone: (403) 647-3833

Fax: (403) 647-3666

If you require Ambulance or Fire Services for any reason, please call 911.