We are a group made up of concerned parents & community members that wish to make sure we are in a good financial position when/if the Government of Alberta announces funding for the PROPOSED amalgamation of Erle Rivers High School and Milk River Elementary School. 

Our first focus is to raise enough funds (approximately $500,000) for a larger gym than the Government of Alberta will provide for a school of our size. Of course, we would love to raise well above and beyond that to also help with other enhancements such as shop space, labs, foods space or anything else the community feels is necessary.

To view our first focus click - MRCSES - Gym Sizes

It is necessary to begin the fundraising process right now because:

  • Horizon School Division no longer extends credit to schools.
  • Most grants require a project date and/or have an expiry date. Also, many grants require the group to have money in the bank to show they are serious.
  • Once the official announcement is made, we will need to act quickly as we will only have a short period of time (likely less than 1 year) to have our finances in place.
  • Horizon School Division requires us to have the money necessary for our desired enhancements before the project goes to the design phase so that those enhancements can be included in the design.
  • With money in the bank, we will be able to apply for grants immediately to help bolster the funds we have raised to the point.

If the amalgamation does not occur all of the funds raised will be put towards enhancements that are needed at both schools.